The Last Few Months

by Matt Blair on February 18, 2011

I’ve been busy finalizing a couple projects for release, as well as working on a few that won’t come out for another month or two, and I’ve really let the blogging go.

Here’s a quick roundup of a few news items since my last post in September:


I released PDX Trees in October, and it won the Most Appealing App award in Portland’s Civic Apps Challenge. I just posted a progress report.

Poetry Posts

After going through at least three or four incarnations, I’ve cleared out the cruft and made a minimalist map of Poetry Posts around Portland. I credit Laura O. Foster’s article on Powell’s blog (republished on her own site) with lighting the necessary fire.

There will still be an iOS app version at some point, but I’m not sure about the timing. I’ve been collecting data on and off for six months now, and I wanted to make it available to the public in some way now, so there it is.

Delivering Points to MapKit

In January, I presented some of my work with GeoCouch, Core Data and MapKit at a Portland CocoaHeads meeting. I plan to do a full blog post about pulling geo-data from GeoCouch and Core Data when I release the source for the iOS GeoCouch browser. Here’s a sneak peak:

iGeoCouch Showing Fire Stations

Pulling Fire Station Locations from GeoCouch in Real-Time

At the same meeting, Justin Miller explained route-me (an open source alternative to MapKit) and demonstrated his incredible MapBox for iPad, which he built in cooperation with Development Seed. Take a look. It’s very impressive.

Justin conveniently bundled our slides from the presentations.


I’ve been gathering notes about a possible history app as I bump into links and resources, and I’ll be doing a followup to my last post on the topic soon.


My apps for urban rambling series continues with an exciting announcement next week, and I have a few more apps in the works which won’t appear until late Q1 or Q2. Please stay tuned!

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